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“Off Tha’ Wall” – Raekwon

“Off Tha’ Wall” – Raekwon


We had the extreme honor of linking up with Raekwon for the newest segment of Off Tha’ Wall. A member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Rae is a living legend whose name rings bells from Shaolin to Beijing. Known for his vivid, abstract lyrical ability and his trend-setting style, he is one of the most influential members of hip hop culture.

When we chopped it up with The Chef, he spoke about the early days of Wu-Tang and his musical interests, as well as revealing where he drew a lot of his wordplay from. Raekwon made sure to put us up on some of his favorite kung fu flicks. Out of all the topics we discussed, what was most surprising are his hobbies away from rap. All we can say is, never sleep on the gawd!

Raekwon the Chef shot by Brandon 'Jinx' Jenkins for Mass Appeal Off Tha' Wall
Photo by Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins
Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins’ bathtubs lift up, his walls do a 360. He also has shit that the government got. He’s on Twitter too: @Jersey_Jinx


  • guest

    The video doesnt appear to be working!!

  • DRK1

    Did he say he likes listening to “Ken Drakes”? I heard him say J-roc, Asap and Badass…

  • DRK1

    Or did he say Kendrick?

  • Winston

    I believe that was Lamar’s pic that was showing when he said the name.

  • DRK1