From the set of the Annie remake

According to Twitter Black People Can’t Do Shit

Twitter, you mad or nah?

The Twitterverse is apparently more racist than the Confederate South. It seems like every time a black character is cast in a previously white role Twitter explodes with a plethora of racist tweets. This isn’t a new phenomenon, of course, we’ve seen it happen time and again. People lost their minds when Idris Elba was cast as a Norse God in “Thor.” More recently there’s been a firestorm of hate aimed at Michael B. Jordan for being cast as Johnny Storm in the upcoming “Fantastic Four” movie. And lest we forget the unintelligible backlash when the adorable Amandla Stenberg was cast as Rue in “The Hunger Games,” even though the character is described as being black in the book. I guess people of color can’t play their own race either (white Jesus stays working in Hollywood).

Racist Tweets simpsons meme annie quvenzhane twitter mob
racist tweet about rue being black in hunger games


Racism like this is nothing new. What pisses me off though is the inconsistency. If you’re going to hate on black actors portraying white characters, then there should be equal shade thrown at white actors who portray people of color in films. I won’t even bring it back to the Jim Crow days, but even in modern times, films based on people of color are still consistently being white washed by the Hollywood machine. I have a creeping suspicion that the same people hating on Quvenzhané Wallis for playing Annie weren’t saying anything about Jake Gyllenhaal portraying the “Prince of Persia.”

You would think that with the success of color blind casting in show’s like “Grey’s Anatomy” that we would be past this nonsense. But alas, haters gonna hate. So since folks on Twitter are allowed to get all worked up. Here are some things I’m mad at:

Take a look at “The Last Airbender” where the cast magically went from being racially mixed to being an all white cast with one brown villain, as if no one would know the difference.

the white washing of last airbender racist tweets


Who could forget Jim Sturgess in “Cloud Atlas” as Hae Joo Chang. Really? Asian taped eyes again, Hollywood?

Jim Sturgess as Hae-Joo Chang


And finally, Mena Suvari as Brandi Boski in “Stuck.” Because we all know adding cornrows makes you black.

Mena Suvari as Brandi Boski in Stuck
From the set of the Annie remake

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  • Jeremy Shatan

    People should be ashamed of themselves. This is a fantastic casting decision. There was already a white Annie. These Twitter-brains can all go curl up with a warm shotgun and watch the VHS of the old movie.