Quasimoto Catchin The Vibe Music Video

Quasimoto “Catchin’ The Vibe”

Lord Quas keeps it extra weird for his new music video. Would you expect anything less?

When you’re Quasimoto, keeping things weird and super funky is second nature, and that’s exactly what the Oxnard, CA enigma does with his new music video, “Catchin’ The Vibe.”

The opening scene sets the tone with quick cuts, grainy imagery, and a random cast of characters. We follow a mysterious cloaked creature, as he gathers a myriad of supplies on his stroll through town. It turns out, the materials are the ingredients to a secret concoction that’s got the local fiends itching. I don’t want to ruin the ending for you, but I will say the final scene has a Tarantino-esque twist.

Watch the video for “Catchin’ The Vibe” above, and afterwards head over to Stones Throw Records to cop Lord Quas’ new album, Yessir Whatever.

Quasimoto catchin the vibe creature


Devin P-B is on the search for this mysterious creature, send any leads to @its_DPB

Quasimoto Catchin The Vibe Music Video

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