MNIMN Release Roundtable Part 3

Release Roundtable: Pusha T Talks MNIMN – Part 3

After getting a private listening session of MNIMN, our panelists share their thoughts with Pusha T on the new album.

In the final part of “Release Roundtable,” Pusha T takes our panel of Internet heavyweights through his tracks “Hold On” featuring Rick Ross and “No Regrets” with Young Jeezy & Kevin Cossom.

After bumping the Ross track, Push opens up to explain that he feels Rozay holds the best bar on the album. Following, Timmhotep ( chimes in, drawing attention to Push-a-ton’s balance of street life and morality. Jumping right into “No Regrets,” it’s clear that Pusha is as much a fan of his contemporaries as he is his own music, dishing out acclaim for Jeezy’s performance on his album. And like a passionate hip hop head, he reveals his frustration at not being able to get Young Jeezy and Rick Ross on the same song. We feel you Push.

The committee wraps up with their honest commentary on My Name Is My Name. Leading the charge is Nicole Otero ( commenting, “We already know to expect a certain level of lyricism. We never  heard you like this, this consistently… So, that’s beyond exciting.” Mikey Fresh ( / adds “Sonically, from a musical standpoint, I think you’re going to fuck everyone’s heads up. It’s Push, but manicured, curated by the super-producer and it really shines through.” Closing things out is Kaz with “This is the best of the shit that I loved about Yeezus, over real dope fuckin’ raps.”

In the event that you haven’t heard Pusha T’s newest joint, make sure to cop it on iTunes. We want to shout out the Def Jam, Combat Jack, and our panel (LowKeyKazNicole OteroTimmhotepMikey Fresh, and Dallas Penn). Thanks for keeping it 100.

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Author, Brandon ‘ Jinx’ Jenkins has never pushed-a-ton but he is on Twitter: @Jersey_Jinx
MNIMN Release Roundtable Part 3

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