Pusha T’s Top Nine Hottest Lines

Pusha T is one of the hottest rappers in the game. In honor of him perfroming this Saturday at the 9th annual Brooklyn Hip Hop festival, we made a list of his top nine hottest lines. Synergy (Rick James voice)


When it comes to sophisticated street poetry, no one has mastered the cocaine flow better than Pusha T. Ziplock P has always offered listeners a diverse spectrum of drug dealing through poetic wordplay, unapologetic cadences, and introspective rhyme schemes. In celebration of the 9th annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, here are nine of Pusha T’s hardest rap lines.

From ghetto to ghetto, to backyard to yard
I sell it whipped un-whipped, it’s soft or hard
I’m the neighborhood pusha
Call me Subwoofer, cause I pump base like that, Jack

– The subwoofer simile showcases Pyrex P’s clever wordplay giving the fourth bar a strong punch

Change came from cocaine I’ve measured
White was the treasure, comfort was the steel
I pedal to the corner like a child on a big wheel

– Push compares his eagerness to pedal drugs on a corner to a child’s eagerness to pedal their big wheel bicycle to the corner. Last one to the block is rotten egg.

All I wanted growing up was remote controls
Now my whole life remote control, hit the block dope control
Got ghetto corners choking slow
Grandmama go to church trying to soak my soul, oh!

– Lines like this exhibits Pusha’s self-examining conscience, analyzing the rights and wrongs of his ambitions.

Mr. Me Too
Pyrex stirs turned into Cavalli furs
The full length cat, when I wave, the kitty purs

– Push basically breaks down how cooking cocaine results in him having enough money to buy a fur coat, which in turn attracts and turns on women within two bars.

Hello New World
I listen to the beat in the rhymer’s room
See, I was 16, eyes full of hope
Bagging up grams at the Hyatt, doe
The news called it crack, I called it Diet Coke

– Everyone knows that crack is cocaine cut with baking soda, duh.

Good Music BET Cypher
Came in the game, 8 years prior
8 years later, your man’s on fire
My Book of Eli, to all my subscribers
Play the two doors, street car named desire
Came in Grindin’, Ye’ came Through the Wire
Met at the crossroads, Bone thugs inspired
1st of the month, Trump to the buyers
Red Toupée on the coupe you’ve been fired

– Though P is mostly known for drug talk, he doesn’t need it to flaunt his uncanny wit. In this line, he seamlessly creates a metaphoric parallel between his career and Kanye’s, which leads to two bone thug song references, and ending it with a Donald Trump punch. Giving you three for the price of one. Ballers beware, he puts numbers on the boards.

Alone in Vegas
I let you into my diary to admire me
The make up of this man, I let you see the higher me
The self-righteous drug dealer dichotomy
I’m drawing from both sides, I am Siamese

– The introspective spectrum in this line speaks for itself.

Christian Dior Denim Flow
Miami nights on the search for some T and A
Trying to hide what’s obvious to see in me
We conversate a bit about your DNA
And my salmon-colored suits from the VMAs
Oh, you was watching? Who the fuck wasn’t?
Me skip across that stage in 5 dozen

– Textbook braggadocios. What would rap be without it?

Check the neck, check the wrist, them heads turning, that’s exorcist
My Audemar like Mardi Gras, that’s Swiss time and that’s excellence
Two-door preference, roof gone, George Jefferson
That white frost on that pound cake so your Duncan Hines is irrelevant

– After some research, we actually found out that the white frost line wasn’t a about coke but actually a reference to the white paint job on the lambo.


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