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Audio: Pusha T “Exodus 23:1”

Audio: Pusha T “Exodus 23:1”


Pusha T Exodus 23: 1 cover art

No matter how clever Pusha T gets on a verse, he never gives enough information to know what he’s talking about. As for who he’s referring to, most of the time it’s a mystery, except for the past few years throwing subliminals at Lil Wayne and his camp. His latest cryptic offering has a target, but it’s like he’s shooting with a blindfold on. His words cut deeper than ever, more bodies to catch. To what end though? More jabs? There’s a point when Kurupt’s “Calling Out Names” should inspire Push to shove, pun intended.

Remember when rappers only responded to rap beef with another record? Twitter comes first now though, we guess.