Studio Six Fifteen Melbourne Puma Australia

Puma Teams Up with Australia’s Six Fifteen Crew

Forget having the on-the-court skills (and vocab) of Walt "Clyde" Frazier, collectives like Studio Six Fifteen are working together making works of art that are testaments to their teamwork.

Studio Six Fifteen Melbourne Puma Australia

Puma’s role outfitting athletes on the basketball court and on the pitch speak to their dedication to teamwork. Let’s not forget how they’ve become players in the lifestyle market too. Puma’s recent series profiling non-athletes is just as significant like their interview with Melbourne’s Studio Six Fifteen. According to ACCLAIM mag who helped engineer the collaboration says, “Six Fifteen are one of several independent creative studios building their rep through hard work and collective energy in Melbourne and contributing to the artistic diversity of the city. This video may be the first time many people will have heard of the Six Fifteen team and Puma Australia is proud to share their story.”

Keep your eyes peeled for the next three teams in Puma’s documentary series, coming soon.

Studio Six Fifteen Melbourne Puma Australia

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