Sean Puff Daddy Combs in a white suit

Is Puff Daddy Back or Nah?

Allow Sean Puffy, Puff, Daddy, Diddy, Combs to confuse you one more time.

The man of many names (Puff, Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy, and any other random variation of the name you could possibly imagine) has come back to square one with the choice of his name.  That’s right, Mr. Combs wants you to address him as “Puff Daddy” (again).  All of this coincides with a trailer he dropped for his new single (which drops March 31st), “Big Homie” in which he refers to himself by his old handle, while hanging with French Montana and Rick Ross at a car wash. Enjoy that.

Sean Puff Daddy Combs in a white suit

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