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A Psychedelic Documentary About Soviet Hippies

Hippies and Communism didn't mix either!

Oh, so you thought only the flower power children of North America were enjoying the trippy times of the 1970s hippie movement and psychedelic era? Wrong! I mean, sure they had capitalism and a very ill Vietnam War going on to be conscious about, but things were also brewing halfway across the world in Madre Russia.

In an upcoming documentary about the hippie movement going on in the old USSR– Flowers and Sickles: The Psychedelic Underground of the Soviet Hippies–Kultusfilm delves into what the experience was like for free-thinkers on the other side of the Iron Curtain. The irony of Communism didn’t necessarily mean that there wasn’t any social oppression as the film’s trailer reveals. Due out in 2015, the piece features some very revealing interviews as well as some awesome perspectives and animations about what the movement meant to a whole other generation of young adults.

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Flowers and Sickles Feature Image

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