Prodigy “YNT” ft. Domo Genesis (prod. by The Alchemist)

Prodigy “YNT” ft. Domo Genesis (prod. by The Alchemist)

With Prodigy and producer The Alchemist getting ready to drop their collaborative project Albert Einstein next week (June 11th), the Queens-bred H.N.I.C teamed up with Odd Future’s Domo Genesis for the latest single and visual from the album. “YNT” (Young and Thuggin) features the two MC’s enjoying both the light and dark side of Californian street life. While the daytime scenes portray a more optimistic gathering and burst of colors, the video’s plot goes on to reveal a drive-by shooting plot (assisted by some females) that shatters it all–metaphorical proof that even sunny times can get overcast real fast for young thugs.

Gang Group Hawaiian Tie Dye Bench California
Palm Trees Silhouette Hat Sunglasses
Green Hat Hawaiian Shirt Sunglasses Gun Point Fingers
Blunt Hat Cap Arm
Ring Hoodie Hood Orange Green
Group Gang Crap Dice Game Night Garage Street
Ski Mask Girl Rob Car Dark