“Presidents With Boob Faces” by Emily Deutchman

Presidential Motorboating?

If you’ve ever wondered what America’s presidents may have looked like after some physical enhancements, then Emily Deutchman’s got what you’re looking for. In a series of 44 paintings, circa 2012 noted by the artist’s signature, Deutchman has taken to adding breasts to the faces of some of the nation’s presidents. With a method described as intuitive, Deutchman makes good use of the POTUS’ prominent facial features, applying the mammary glands of all sizes and varieties to beards, cheeks, jowls, necks, and foreheads of America’s presidents.






Here’s what the artist had to say about her work,

Presidents with Boob Faces takes the tradition of presidential portraits and, with wry humor, subverts the solemnity of these iconic figures by transforming their faces with schoolboy “boob doodle.”

The work twists the historic grandeur of portraiture and national pomp with this lowbrow interjection. While enjoying the comedic potential of George Washington with boob cheeks, Deutchman also engages with a painterly series and the ready-made both provided by the presidential portraits. The use of the series explores the permutations of one concept played out 44 times and the possibility of diversity found in that idea.

All in all, these cool watercolors also take on the role of exquisite reproductions… with boobs thrown on ’em. Who knows, maybe this will result in a boost in social studies quiz scores across the nation. If you want one or a pair, you can hit up the artist at presidentswithboobfaces@gmail.com.

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