Premiere: Vulkan the Krusader “Never Coming Back”

Check out "Never Coming Back" from Vulkan The Krusader's upcoming VX13: Do You Remember Love


Vulkan the Krusader is a unique character. Florida born and NYC raised he emits that diversity in his music. With his next project VX:13 Do You Remember Love set to drop on Valentine’s Day – as is tradition with rap’s Krusader of love – he sent over a track that’s a sneak peek into the realm in which he dwells. Inspired by the Robotech animé series, “Never Coming Back” takes a rapid fire journey – if you can’t follow along I suggest hitting up Rap Genius – like the extraterrestrial gun battles that inspired its conception. On the track Vulkan gives you a history lesson all the while playfully hitting the listener with New York staples, and anecdotes letting you know that he’s not new to the game and his time is now!

To the hood , we ain’t never coming back To mediocrity, we ain’t never coming back To losing hope, we ain’t ever coming back To being broke, we ain’t ever coming back

Check out the track below and be on the lookout for the upcoming VX:13 Do You Remember Love interview coming very soon…


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