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Premiere: Stan Ipcus “How I Met Your Mother”

Premiere: Stan Ipcus “How I Met Your Mother”

How I Met Your Mother Stan Ipcus Local Legend Cover Art City Night

In the future there will be many fathers who will tell their children “in my day” stories about their flirtations with the rap game and brushes with fame, but the first to do that in song form is New York MC and (sometimes rap scribe) Stan Ipcus

Mass Appeal is proud to premiere “How I Met Your Mother,” the first official release from  Ipcus’ upcoming Local Legend LP. On the song he recounts the highs and lows of his life as an aspiring rapper only to explain how his quest for fame lead him to love and subsequently fatherhood–two things that outweigh the value of a record deal or platinum plaques.

Don’t get it twisted though, “semi-pro” rapper Ipcus hasn’t given up on his rap dreams, he’ll be releasing his “grown man rap” opus Local Legend on Oct. 8. The project will serve as his debut LP and compile unreleased songs he’s recorded over the last ten years. Welcome to reality circa 2013.

Listen to the endearing song above and of course be a father to your child!