Premiere: Spaceman “What Me, Worry?”

Space makes the journey back home and asks us to come along for the ride. Join us, you might learn a thing or two.

“What Me, Worry?” A question that comes around every so often. A question one is faced with when the hill of adversity appears too steep to the spectator or outsider looking in. Today we’re hitting you with the premiere of Spaceman’s, of NY’s Inner City Kids, new music video, “What Me, Worry?” off of his .EXE EP, which also premiered here on Mass Appeal earlier this year. In this video we find Spaceman joined by fellow ICK member producer/rapper Kemal, making his way back home after a show in the city. When asked to describe the theme of his video, essentially the commute he makes when it comes time to hit the stage, Spaceman provided us with this:

The commute has its perks though, and given the stresses and tribulations that inherently come with the pursuit of a career in rap, I’m thankful for the opportunity to reflect that this trip provides. While the world goes crazy around me, I (along with ICK comrade Kemal of Kontraband) wax poetic over glitchy Daimyo production and asks with a smirk, What, Me Worry?

Check out Spaceman’s new video above and be sure to checkout more from the Freeport resident Emcee’s latest release .EXE

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