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Premiere: Spaceman – “Execute” EP

Premiere: Spaceman – “Execute” EP

Spaceman is polishing his rifle off for the kill with his latest EP, Execute.

Cover Art For Spaceman's Execute EP.

Your weekend is about to get a lot better. The Inner City Kid’s Capo Spaceman, dropped his  latest project, the Execute EP, today. ICK’s wildboy holds no punches with this one, it’s short, sweet, and straight to the point. It’s not about any type of story or message, it’s about Spaceman proving he can rap his ass off, and that he does. Execute contains six tracks, each very different in their own right. However, they all fall under one umbrella, Psychedelic Punk Rap.

Laced with beats from an array of producers, Execute is proving ground for Space when the question of versatility comes to mind. Dude is giving y’all the business on everything from trance-y tracks like the $1 Bin-produced “Malicious Intent,” to the almost boom-bap “What, Me Worry?” Space takes you from nasty to smooth in less than 20 minutes, covering topics like wack rappers, the industry, bad bitches, drugs (a lot of them), ICK’s takeover, and bars full of hard rap talk. He, “recites flows like a soldier cleaning his weapon.” This is the kind of shit you bump to rev up for a night of the ultra-violent, the old in-out in-out, peeting milk-plus from the Korova, and rizz razz galore.

Spaceman is polishing off his rifle for the kill on this one!

Photo of Spaceman.

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  • Dee

    The problem with this EP, is that it’s bad music.

  • Mister LXXXVII

    get better speakers

  • Brittany Flapjak


  • Piffareefa

    Cock sucker lol

  • Piffareefa

    ICK on the rise!

  • yung lean

    I love u Inner CITY kids

  • roulette

    this is cornball shit.., absolutely horrid. anyone who fucks with this is tone deaf for real

  • Joseph LionMoziah King

    They succeeded where kanye tried and failed with yeezus.