hope is a dangerous thing

Premiere: Ryshon Jones “Hope is a Dangerous Thing”

Peep the premier of Ryshon Jones' new .zip, "Hope is a Dangerous Thing" and download it here.

hope is a dangerous thing

There’s new heat from Philly native Ryshon Jones. Welcome to the premiere of Hope is a Dangerous Thing, a 15 track .zip that includes a lookbook with visuals and poetry. The download features Adam Lee, Nia Keturah, Benny Love, Faylin and includes poetry from Ivajay as well as production credentials from SamGreenS, Ten Twenty-Six, Thelonious Martin and more.

We chopped it up with Jones about his new project, and this is what he had to say.

Mass Appeal: Tell us about Hope is a Dangerous Thing, where it came from and what  the inspiration behind it was?

Ryshon Jones: Hope is a Dangerous Thing, came out of nowhere honestly. Actually the day I announced it, on some “hey, surprise project” type shit, Beyonce dropped her album that night. It’s something that started off as a five song EP and just became something of its own. I really had fun making it and being free and not doing too much over-thinking.

MA: What do you want the world to know about your music?

RJ: With my music I often feel like it’s not heard how I want it to. I told people I’m referring to this as a “.zip” but I know everyone won’t be open to doing that and they’ll call it a mixtape or they’ll question it too hard so I’ll leave it up in the air. We are in a day and age where you can kind of do what you want. The only thing to really stop people from doing what they want is their mind and one of the inspirations in this project is the idea of being fearless vs. knowing when not giving a fuck is giving a fuck at a high level. I think 2014 will be a great year for the state of music and I’m excited for people to hear this.

back cover

Take a listen to Hope is a Dangerous Thing below and download the whole project here.

hope is a dangerous thing

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    DOPE … im loving all the flows… and everything man keep at it … You gon make it your too authentic to fail ..