Premiere: Rast RFC “I’d Rather Make A Friend Than An Enemy”

True words of wisdom from Rast.

Rast’s Running From Cops: A Hip Hop Odyssey has a lot of people talking. If you haven’t read it yet, go here and get your wig pushed all the way back. The one-time graffiti writer and current-time rising emcee was brutally honest about the extremely colorful and dangerous aspects of his past life. Some people who may have been directly or indirectly cited in the piece caught feelings; some people were deeply troubled by some of his tales of true trife life.

“Why the fuck would son put that out there like that? I’m still out here, doing what I do…”

Rast and I talked about it, and he felt really guilty about the stuff that made old friends and former enemies upset. Somebody suggested that he write a song about how he felt and he did. The track—“I’d rather Make A Friend Than Make An Enemy”—is below, in addition to some words from the man himself on the subject.

This scribe has been screaming about Rast for a time now. People talk about some of his recordings being extremely raw and ripe with a demo-like quality. Listen, younguun: I was there when Wu-Tang popped off. Are you familiar with how raw their early recordings are? Rap has become too polished, too perfect. Shit isn’t emotional (Drake singing R&B rubbish is the wrong kind of emotional, son). Rast is raw, sure, but the greats always are in the beginning. You want to grow with an artist. You want to invest early so you can be a part of the dizzying success that often arrives when a great artist connects with a great many people.

Rast ain’t fucking boring. Stop utilizing wack rap to soundtrack the precious moments of your life.

Sacha Jenkins SHR


Check it out.

As a recovering drug addict, I’m aware that I still have some addictive traits that surface from time to time. A life once packed with more action and danger than the Street Fighter game at your local bodega has now been altered to a grueling schedule of facilitating recovery seminars, plus group and individual counseling sessions by day, and changing my son Lexington’s diapers by night. But my thing is, just for me, every chance I get, I rap and write with the hopes of becoming the next hip hop Street Disciple. That’s my fix. That’s what I call “dope” these days.

With active drug addiction there is a selfishness that the addict can’t control because the urge to shoot dope or smoke rock is just too strong; hence the child neglect, prostitution and violent crime that follows. For me, when I write or perform, I’m transported to a thirty dollar a night hotel, where I slip into heroin induced euphoria…My only concern? More. With all of this said, there’s often a lack of consequential thinking in regards to the effect my words have on society and in those instances, I neglect to take into consideration how my actions effect might touch others. For example, while writing the Running From Cops piece for Mass Appeal Issue 54, I revealed true stories from my life that were entertaining and compelling…but, if I’m honest with myself, these words were also irresponsible and insensitive. I kindly asked the editors to remove one passage in particular that was tied into the now shuttered night club Flamingo.

I asked the editors to remove the passage because it was careless of me to not think about how those involved would feel about it. However, I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and I’m hoping that I could flip this negative situation into a positive action. To those involved in the club Flamingo incident:

I would like to apologize for my actions that night; I’m sorry that my piece opened old wounds. My behavior was reckless and stupid. I cannot make any excuse for my actions, I just hope one day we can rebuild the relationship we once had that was denigrated by ego, greed, and carelessness.


Check out Rast RFC’s “I’d Rather Make A Friend Than An Enemy” (produced by Christian “Flashius” Castro) below.

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