PREMIERE: Mighty Mark Brings ‘Real’ Baltimore Club Music Straight to Your Doorsteps

Drop it down / bring it back

Baltimore is a troubled city to say the least. News from the Maryland city largely goes under the radar due to attention focused on Chicago, Compton, and other cities from¬†mainstream media. It’s no surprise that music has been, by and large, a healthy distraction for Baltimore residents from poverty, failing schools, and crime. We’ve seen it with the rise of Tate Kobang in the Boiler Room documentary. But we’re here to take you a step deeper into the local scene with the bubbling Mighty Mark.

The DJ and producer is keeping the Baltimore Club music scene beyond alive and well. We’re more than proud to present his latest EP, Real, today with features from Blaqstarr, TT the Artist, and more. The first four tracks are healthy doses of bass and wild energy for your next house party, with moments of serenity towards the end of each. Then for the final track, Mighty Mark takes the characteristic bass line of BMore Club and carefully places an acoustic guitar line over it for an intriguing juxtaposition of styles.

Mighty Mark had this to say about the project to us via email:

“With Real I’m just trying to put some of that authentic Baltimore Club Music out to the world. Some of the aggression and pain that I feel from what’s going on in the urban community and in the world is portrayed thru the sounds in this project. The cover art represents the Hero sometimes being looked at as the Villian.”

You can purchase Real HERE. Also look out for more noise from his label Zoo on Mars.

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