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Premiere: Koncept “40 Oz Spliffs (J57 Remix)”

Premiere: Koncept “40 Oz Spliffs (J57 Remix)”

Koncept gives you a lesson on essential summertime staples in his new music video.

Koncept is making sure he enjoys his final days of warm weather to the fullest in his new music video, “40 oz Spliffs.” Joined by fellow Brown Bag AllStars member J57, Koncept spends the day with two summer staples, a 40 of OE and a freshly rolled spliff. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of having a lovely lady on hand to keep one rolled like this NYC native, but that shouldn’t stop you from heading to your nearest bodega to grab the necessary supplies to partake in the fun.

Watch the premiere of “40 oz Spliffs” above, and make sure to grab a copy of Koncept’s new EP, Malt Disney (J57 Remixes).

Koncept J57 40 oz spliffs music video