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Premiere: Isaiah Toothtaker – “YOUR MAJESTY”

Premiere: Isaiah Toothtaker – “YOUR MAJESTY”

When you think of Arizona, you may think of hot ass deserts, iguanas, and other shit like that. All that is about to change, though, with the arrival of Tucson, AZ’s Isaiah Toothtaker and his new project Your Majesty. Overall, the 6-track project has a dusty vibe, which is due to the production of Meaty Ogre, who crafted all of the beats on a SP1200 drum machine. For those that don’t know, the SP1200 is what producers like Madlib created a lot of his best shit on, and what Pete Rock created Mecca and the Soul Brother on. Let that shit marinate for a second.

Additionally, the sequencing for the beats was done on the fly, followed by the one take-raps of Isaiah Toothtaker to match the raw mistakes that were left in the production. Just to show you how skilled and versatile he is, Toothtaker wrote and recorded all his raps in between tattoo appointments at the shop he owns in Tucson, Staring Without Caring. The cherry on top of this project is the eerie-ass artwork, which was handled by Adult Swim’s Taylor Johnson.

Listen/download Isaiah Toothtaker’s YOUR MAJESTY below.

PS: Isaiah Toothtaker is down with the #TASKFORCE, so don’t fuck with him.

Isaiah Toothtaker's rendition of Lil B the Based God

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