PREMIERE: FIONA Flaunts His Stylish Range With ‘GOLDBABY’ LP

Get familiar with one of Orlando's best rappers

Orlando DJ, rapper and producer FIONA is currently prepping the release of his album GOLDBABY. For those unfamiliar with the elusive character, know he’s a jack-of-all-trades. He’s known best for his hilarious persona over social media but he also shines through as a damn good entertainer. His eclectic style range includes jazz, dance, hip hop and everything in between. Basically, if FIONA hasn’t fucked with a sound yet, he just hasn’t had the time.

FIONA’s latest record, GOLDBABY, proves the artist can craft some of the catchiest tunes out of Florida. “Chinchilla Killa Pt. 2” is a piano-driven banger of an introduction showcasing FIONA’s flow switch-ups and wordplay. “Galaxies” is a groove through R&B and dance, reminiscent of a southern-sounding Kaytranada. “Babymaker” is a scope into his weirdo mind, rapping “Might see me hit a rap in the club / Then a n*gga might take a nap in the club.” That confident, yet contradictory charm makes FIONA such an interesting artist in the first place.

Until the album gets a proper drop, Mass Appeal has an exclusive stream on GOLDBABY. FIONA left us some words on the new record:

GOLDBABY is the culmination of a little under two years of work. Everything from the production to the engineering was done by me. I came to the realization that I’m too much of a perfectionist to let anyone else touch my art. My art is my baby. My GOLDBABY. This is my child, America. Gaze upon it. Feast upon my placenta, for this is my gift to you.”

Peep GOLDBABY down below and be on the lookout for its digital drop soon.

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