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Premiere: Digga Sensei “The Come Up”

Peep College Park rapper and iQ collective's member Digga Sensei's new video "The Come Up."

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College Park, GA rapper and member of the Atlanta based iQ collective, Digga Sensei comes through with his new video for “The Come Up.” We had the chance to chop it up with the upcoming emcee about the inspiration behind the video as well as what inspired him to pursue a career in hip hop.

Mass Appeal: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Digga Sensei: I’m Digga Sensei, I’m in a collective called iQ, which I joined back in 2012. I’m from College Park, Georgia. I’ve been there my whole life. I’m plotting on world domination with this music. I’m currently growing and trying to build positive vibes with the Internet community, I love it.

MA: How did you get together with iQ?

DS: We all linked up because we had the same mindset when it came to goals and music.

MA: What inspired you to get into the rap game?

DS: I’ve been rapping since 2009. I grew up watching my dad rap. When high school hit, I decided that I could rap better than most of the people out now.

MA: What was the inspiration behind the visuals for “The Come Up”?

DS: My director Damien and I just came up with it together and since we’re all in the same collective, that just made working on it much easier. Really the inspiration behind “The Come Up” came from old Asian folklore, but the theme of the video is about me finding a way to transcend. The forest inspired a more mystical approach, it’s also the same forest where I shot the cover for my EP. Throughout the video, nature leads me to this ancient staff. The closer I get, the worse my headaches get. That’s really what I meant by “creepin’ on a come up.” The ending was to show correlation to the next video “Sun Goku.”

MA: What are your aspirations?

DS: I want to keep innovating with my own sound as the “Sensei of Atlanta,” I want to grow out of the underground circle and hit mainstream and change the overall appearance of hip hop as a whole. I want to be better than people and inspire those that are afraid to chase their dreams and change people.

You can find Digga Sensei on Twitter, and also peep more music on his SoundCloud. Peep the video for “The Come Up” above, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.



digga sensei1

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  • 2nd generation rappers are just starting to hit. The most notable has been Corey Gunz. That’s going to be the next wave.

  • ミナ紅

    Im in osaka, I’m very curious about this artist, he def has all kinds of potential to make this year his, he ever comes over this way id def love to see him live 🙂