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Premiere: Deltron 3030 “Melding of the Minds (A-Plus Remix)”

A-Plus switches it up on "Melding Of The Minds"

Souls of Mischief spitter A-Plus has been killing it with the remixes this summer. First he released “OG Bobby Johnson (A-Plus Burning Man Remix),” followed by Meek Mill’s “I Don’t Know (A-Plus Burning Man Remix).” Now, A-Plus has decided to keep it closer to home by remixing fellow Hieroglyphics member Deltron 3030’s “Melding Of The Minds” featuring Zach De La Rocha.

A-Plus keeps listeners on their toes with this remix, changing up the style on each verse. It starts off with a traditional hip hop feel, goes into a “glitch-hop swingy style,” transitions to a Jesrey club vibe, and ends with a reprise of the first verse with some added synths. This track is all over the fucking place! But we dig it.

Listen to “Melding Of The Minds (A-Plus Remix)” and check out Hieroglyphics on tour this fall.

A-Plus graf

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