Premiere: Danse Dimes “The Devil is Alive”

Peep the premiere of Danse Dimes' new track, "The Devil is Alive" right here.


If you live in NY chances are you’ve heard of Bklyn Stickup, because this crew goes hard and represents even harder. More on them later, but right now, we’re going to focus on frontman Danse Dimes aka Danse Daimons aka your new favorite rapper.

Danse caught a lot of attention after “The End,” a breakout hit featuring Pro Era’s Nyck Caution garnered over 50,000 listens on SoundCloud in only 48 hours back in November. Now, the homie is at it again with “The Devil is Alive, a remix to Jay Z and Rick Ross’ “The Devil is A Lie,” and a politically charged anthem that makes it clear that the struggle is still real on these streets. Danse explains: “For the record, I’m not glorifying the devil, but he definitely proves himself to be real daily, I’m just agreeing to disagree with Jay Z and Rick Ross and support my stance with evidence.”

“The Devil is Alive” is the first of many new tracks from Bklyn Stickup. Danse will be dropping a new remix every week this year on And, the Bklyn Stickup compilation album Don’t Feed the Animals is dropping at the end of January.

Check out the track below and if you’re feeling it let us know in the comments.

Also be sure to peep our exclusive interview with Danse coming this Friday as apart of our “New Rules” series.


the devil is alive

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