Premiere: Chapman “iChap Vol. 1” Presented by Saint

He bought a new bed just to tuck you in.

Alex Chapman is different. His music is different — different than most of the rap we post. @iChap, as he’s known by his friends on Twitter, hails from New York’s underground fashion-forward-art-crowd-hashtag-internet-celebrity-parties-at-the-Flat-in-Brooklyn scene. He’s a rapper. He’s gay. He’s also white. With pals like female rapper extraordinaire Chippy Nonstop and the Yung Klout Gang, Chapman is part of a new genre of trendsetters challenging the music status quo. Of course, in the supermarket of music entertainment, there will always be an aisle reserved for Hatorade, but why hate someone thats just trying to make you smile?

There’s no denying that Chapman’s lolz-inducing lines are as thoughtfully clever as topical as they may be. Adding his own verses to 2 Chainz “Where U Been” building on the hook, “Bought a new crib just to f*** you in,” adding, “Bought a new bed just to tuck you in.” Or on his version of “Chum” he has fun with some melodic wordplay saying, “In my Earl Sweatshirt with the Earl Sweatpants, do you not know who, who the fuck I am, you my JuJu boo, I’m your Killa Cam.”

But Chapman is far from just surface level pun rapper. Whether it’s intentional or not, he’s more making a statement than just putting out a collection of tracks. He’s like the street artist Hanksy, of the music world; from the playfully taunting lyrics to the fact that he’s using recognizable beats to his Internet themed mixtape, complete with iMessage “drops”.

When it comes to Chapman’s actual sound, at times his lyrical style has striking similarities to Mykki Blanco and other times he illicits an angst not so unlike Eminem and The Marshall Mathers LP. But comparisons aside, what’s most notable is he’s developing a style and brand all his own. One we plan to have on repeat.

Mass Appeal is proud to present the album stream of iChap Vol. 1 for your listening pleasure. Presented by Saint, the mixtape includes guest appearances by up-and-comers, Jungle Pussy, Mess Kid, The GTW, Dai Burger and UNIIQUE.


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