Atmosphere Camera Thief Music Video

Premiere: Atmosphere “Camera Thief”

Slug and Ant return with new visuals for the first track on their new album Southsiders.

With over 17 years in the game and one of the most dedicated fan bases in music, it seems that Atmosphere has nothing left to prove to the naysayers who doubted the staying power of the rhymesayers. Sean “Slug” Daley’s lyrics remain extremely personal, reflecting the challenges and blessings he encounters in life. In that sense, Atmosphere’s work will never be done, because Slug is always developing as a person. As long as he has a message to share, there’s music to be made.

Today, Mass Appeal presents the premiere of Atmosphere’s new music video for “Camera Thief,” the first track on the group’s new album, Southsiders. In the black-and-white visuals, directed by Andrew Melby, Slug journeys through a barren desert in a dream-like state, all while dropping knowledge on some of the lessons he’s learned since the groups last album, The Family Sign. Anthony “Ant” Davis appears intermittently throughout the video, giving the viewer the sense that Slug is being tricked by some sort of mirage. We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Watch Atmosphere’s new music video “Camera Thief” in the player up top, and afterwards pick up a copy of their new album, Southsiders, out today.

Atmosphere Camera Thief


Atmosphere Camera Thief Music Video

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