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PREMIERE: Anik Khan “The Knowing”

PREMIERE: Anik Khan “The Knowing”

Hey, sometimes you’ll just be knowing things. At least that’s what Anik Khan teaches us on his cut “The Knowing,” the first single off his debut album, IDKY.

The track is produced by Don Knock and Renaissance (of Green Street) and brings us some pensive sing-songy bars about life experiences and knowing better about how certain people move. It’s one of those cuts where you nod your head—both to the beat and in agreement with what Anik is saying. Khan was born in Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh for the geographically impaired). He ended up in Queens, and now he’s here with us dropping some knowledge. While the track sounds like an amalgam of New York City swag and parts unknown (what does a hip hop artist from Bangladesh actually sound like? Perhaps likes Anik), it’s clear that his debut will bring a heightened level of authenticity that we’re looking forward to hearing.

Check out the track to get familiar with Anik Khan. If you don’t know him now, you’ll be knowing him soon enough.

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