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Premiere: Al-Doe “Keys of Heaven”

Premiere: Al-Doe “Keys of Heaven”

Some OG’s aren’t fucking with the music coming out of New York right now. They’re saying it’s all about fashion and no one’s got any bars. If you feel that way I doubt you’ve heard Bronx emcee Al-Doe. Not only does he bring the original New York flavor to the track, Al-Doe remains one hundred percent genuine and reps his home to fullest. “I’m born and raised in the Bronx man,” he says. “I lived everywhere up here – this my home.”

Al-Doe’s new project, Keys Of Heaven, is a perfect example of the emcees authenticity. In “Malverde’s Prayer,” the first track, Doe rhymes,

“Death pulls from the nicotine/ I just pray I see my son live his biggest dream
Stay smarter/ I’m the best but could care less as long as I’m labeled a great father
Bad husband fucking up on my queen/ tryna do good but them bitches get in between”

He holds nothing back on Keys Of Heaven, fully letting you into his personal life and the drug world. “I consider myself the Pope of coke talk,” he says. “So the title, Keys of Heaven, refers to Saint Peter. Jesus gave Saint Peter the first key into heaven making him the first pope. I’m the best at the high end drug shit so it’s only right.”

You can stream the entire project below and download it here.

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