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Hip Hop Cliff Notes From “Portlandia”

Hip Hop Cliff Notes From “Portlandia”

Play catch up with Carrie and Fred.

It looks like Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake aren’t the only ones reliving hip hop history. IFC’s “Portlandia” is back for its fourth season, and among the sketch show’s cultural and geographically themed bits is the above video titled “I Missed Hip Hop.” In it, Carrie and Fred, the shows stars, go over the genre’s detailed history in attempt to prepare for an upcoming Jay Z concert. Fred is hilariously clueless, asking if the Sugar Hill Gang was a real gang, and if Sir Mix-A-Lot was in the Wu-Tang Clang. There’s plenty of hip hop ignorance out there so props to “Portlandia” for mocking those so greatly out of touch.

I Missed Hip Hop Sketch Portlandia