Pornhub World Cup

Pornhub Begs Users to Stop Uploading Videos of Brazil Getting F*cked by Germany

"Our public humiliation category is full. #BrazilvsGermany"

Following Germany’s 7-1 victory in the World Cup yesterday, videos of the match popped up on Pornhub with the title “Young Brazilians get f*cked by entire German Soccer Team” (among other variations). In that particular clip, members of the German side are seen celebrating after Toni Kross scored the fourth goal. Judging by the hundreds of screenshots that flooded Twitter, it’s clear that the world isn’t letting Brazil hear the end of it. The gag got so crazy that Pornhub had to plead with users to stop uploading the videos, all while taking shots at Brazil themselves.

Brazil’s defeat is arguably one of the worst in World Cup history.

[h/t The Independent]

Pornhub World Cup

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