Pope Francis Hops Out the Whip in Drive-By… Blessing

Throw Them Hands Bruh

Pope Francis makes more headlines than 50 Cent, and is more “People’s Champ” than the original “vanquisher of jabronis” and “purveyor of poontang pie.” Over the weekend the Pope was on the road and saw some folks on some heathen shit and hopped out the whip dumpin’ those ecclesiastical clips and decided to stop to bless a family along his path. Day by day, Pope Francis proves to be a man of both the cloth and the people. He offers himself as a pontiff that is accessible and a true liaison between the divine and the mundane— as trill as trill can be.

Hit the video player up top as the Pope hops out the whip touching folks on sight, without having to beckon, “Aye, Where you from?!?”

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[h/t 7th Letter Gang]

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