Ricky Powell Pony Collaboration T-shirt Sneakers

Pony’s 40th Anniversary with Ricky Powell

Pony turns 40, Ricky's at 50, but who's keeping count on both their milestones?

About five months after Pony unveiled their special release with Ricky Powell, P-O-N-Y is T-O-N-Y (Top Of New York) status celebrating their 40th anniversary this year with the Funky Uncle leading the campaign. Like a fresh pair, the Rickster’s sneaker knowledge is not to be touched or scuffed. The famed photographer/writer/hustler has lived through the era of Pony’s impact on pro and streetball. Their crossover into hip-hop culture, Ricky could speak volumes on it, which he’ll probably address this Friday for his show at NYC’s Klughaus Gallery. Pony’s new capsule collection (T-shirt and kicks) includes two tees: one with Ricky’s life instructions “Do You”; the other, a one of his timeless black and white photos; thirdly, the sneakers are canvas hi-tops keeping your ankles cuffed without controversy. Bling blaow.

Ricky Powell Pony 40th Anniversary

Ricky Powell Sneakers Pony


Ricky Powell Pony Collaboration T-shirt Sneakers

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  • A new photography show with Ricky Powell called “Oh No He Didn’t!” will be opening on Friday 7/6/2012 at Klughaus Gallery (47 Monroe Street New York, NY 10002) For more details visit: klughaus.net for RSVP details.  The show will feature old and new, never-before seen photographs by Ricky Powell.