Pontus Alv Trocadero Days Skateboarding Black White Smile Sad

Pontus Alv’s “Trocadéro Days”

Pontus Alv's approach to capturing fun vintage skateboarding in Paris doesn't disappoint.

Pontus Alv knows weird. No, better yet, Pontus Alv knows artsy. He knows both artsy and weird. He also knows how to make a real splash on the uber-saturated skateboard scene. First off, the dude’s from Sweden. He’s mad foreign and gets a ton of cool points off that alone, which he’s definitely used as leverage for his groundbreaking skateboard company, Polar. In a little under two years the company’s solidified itself as heavily as any reputable North American company your skate bros can name. How you ask? With artsy videos like this Converse CTAS sneaker-driven edit — Trocadéro Days — featuring a bunch of fellows simultaneously skating and carrying a friendly kick ramp and some planks about the streets of Paris. Sound fun? It was! God(s) bless you Pontus Alv an all of your funky, refreshing ways of capturing the spirit of fun skateboarding. You rule dude!

Pontus Alv Trocadéro Days Smile Sad Plank Skateboarding Black White

Pontus Alve Trocadéro Days Skateboarding Paris France Black White

Pontus Alv Trocadero Days Skateboarding Ramp Black White

Pontus Alv Trocadéro Days Skateboarding Black White Ducking Under

Pontus Alv Trocadéro Days Ramp Skateboard Plank Black White

Pontus Alv Trocadero Days Skateboarding Black White Smile Sad

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