Poler x Girl Skateboards 20th Anniversary Adventure

Peep an amazing photo series of Rick McCrank and friends going into the wild to explore uncharted skate territory.

Van Skateboard Deck Bag Duffel

Sticking true to its pro-outdoor sensibilities, Portland camping label, Poler, merged one of their latest photo series adventures with professional skateboard frontiersman Rick McCrank. Together, the two helped celebrate the 20th anniversary of Girl Skateboards and a special collaborative tent and cruiser deck. The Northwestern excursion, photographed by Benji Wagner, features the rider trooping out into green territory, setting up camp grounds, and even grabbing air at some colossal makeshift banks/ditches. Nothing like nature and skateboarding to inspire the imagination and senses. Riding isn’t all about parks and competitions, there’s exploration and nomadic tendencies too.

Van Forrest Duffel Green Kick Friends

Forrest Sleeping Bag Outdoors Camping

Forrest Green Outdoors Skateboard

Gate Outdoors Breaking Entry Adventure

Hills Lake Fence Outdoors

Outdoors Forrest Camp Trip Skateboarding

Forrest Trip Outdoor Adventure

Skateboarding Panorama Hills Mountain

Skateboard Poler Girl Skateboards



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