Playboy Collaborations: Who did it better?

Get your swag game up, Playboy.

The quintessential gentleman’s magazine, Playboy, is now 60-years-old.  Whether you’re a subscribed reader, just skimming to “read the interviews,” or even if you’ve never cracked an issue it does not matter, the iconography of Playboy has been always been the ultimate cool. As such, a few of brands have taken the opportunity to re-envision the classic logo through threads and accessories. In celebration of the big 6-0, the company has teamed up with Supreme and Hello Kitty (what?) for Colette. But who has the best Playboy collaboration?

Playboy x Supreme

Supreme x Playboy logo Jerseys

It’s not the first time that the box logo gods have collaborated with Playboy, and it certainly won’t be the last. But Supreme themselves are celebrating their 20th anniversary, so they decided to pull out all the stops for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, which meant a sequel to their previous efforts. The flips were simple, and varied over a slew of silhouettes, with the main focus remaining on the irreverent rabbit logo.

Supreme x Playboy Bomber Jacket

Supreme’s initial drop came with a few pieces from the collaboration, including this pimp-ass black leather bomber jacket. For the sportier ladies man, football jerseys came in an array of colors. As if that wasn’t enough, Thursday’s release will include two Vans sneakers, the Sk8-Hi and Authentic featuring the repeater logo all over. Don’t get me wrong, the releases are epitomic of the fly gear we’ve come to expect from ‘Preme. But the shock factor is minimal. We wish they’d thought outside of the box, if you will.

Vans x Supreme x Playboy sneakers

Hello Kitty x Playboy for Colette

Playboy Hello Kitty for Colette Cards

Here is the shock factor I’m talking about. The minds behind France’s premium boutique, Colette curated a perfect collection that has me scratching my head. Hello Kitty is typically associated with girls of the juvenile demographic. Surely females of all ages have some connection to Hello Kitty, but they’ve never seen her like this. Kitty went from a cute, tame feline to certified sex kitten on this one. Kitty ditched the conservative girly dress for the Playboy Bunny costume, a French maid outfit complete with fishnet stockings, high heels and bunny ears.

Playboy x Colette for Hello Kitty Dice

Rather than going the route of an apparel-based collaboration, Colette went left with a collection that consists mainly of accessories. Kitty’s new likeness is pictured over everything from a leica camera, dice, playing cards, coffee mugs and even sweets like bonbons and lollipops. The other logo flip sees the Playboy Bunny logo with Kitty’s signature bow in its place.

Supreme Colette Hello Kitty Head band

It’s doubtful that you would find any of these products while shopping at Sanrio with your 7-year-old niece. But collaborations are meant to bring two completely different worlds together. In saying that, sorry Supreme, this one goes to Colette. You can shop the collection here.


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