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Play At Your Own Risk: Virgin Gaming

Play At Your Own Risk: Virgin Gaming


Gamers love to talk smack. And apparently, nothing demonstrates superiority of
your skills like yelling “Your mom” into a microphone, directed at an individual on
the other side of the planet, right? At least that’s the way things used to be. Now, Virgin Gaming is giving gamers the chance to put their money where their big shit-talking mouths are.

Virgin Gaming is nothing new. The company co-founded by Zach Zeldin and Billy
Levy was originally called WorldGaming.com when it launched in 2007. Richard
Branson then stepped in with Virgin Group (big money) to acquire it in 2010. At that
time, WorldGaming boasted 30,000 registered users. Just this January, however, a report exclusively from VentureBeat showed that Virgin Gaming has officially hit one million registered users, approximately $7 million in cash prizes have been awarded, and more than four million game challenges have been exchanged between users. All the while Virgin Gaming pockets a 12% service charge off all winnings. That’s not too shabby at all, considering the hilarious and dauntingly impressive fact that a company founded on monetizing competition between users, operates against no one in the virtual gaming industry.


So how is all this legal? Aside from the shrewdly worded description of the company that avoids the jargon “betting” and “gambling,” in 39 states video games are considered skill-based and not chance. Unfortunately for the 11 States that fail to agree, those gamers will just have to sit this one out, or migrate someplace that doesn’t suck.

But their mission statement isn’t the only well thought-out aspect of the company’s operations. On top of it all, to ensure the safety of its users, Virgin Gaming has in place safeguards to protect gamers from squandering their hard earned scratch. To keep players in check, there’s a maximum challenge value of $1000, and a weekly deposit limit of $500 applied to all users, no exceptions. The degenerates who are clearly hemorrhaging large portions of their income will get a heads up from Virgin Gaming to “restructure their account,” according to a spokesperson from VG, which is a not-so-subtle nudge to “get your shit together, man!”