Aisen Chacin creates Play-A-Grill - Mp3 Player

Play-A-Grill Makes Music With Your Mouth

A prototype MP3 that plays in your mouth isn't as far off as those rumored cell phone implants. The mobile tech game is about to get more weird and freaky. Keep you fingers on the pause button.

Some of the most pause-worthy lines are uttered without hesitation. Nelly’s homie, Ali uttering “Put a bill in my mouth like I’m Hillary Rodham,” should come straight from the horse’s mouth, and not necessarily yours. The Play-A-Grill, an MP3 player built into a grill makes it possible to play said track keeping you from hitting the pause button. Aisen Chacin a student at The New School for Design in New York, created the new wave dentures. The technology behind this device uses bone conduction to play sounds, with vibrations on your teeth that pass thru your head to your eardrums. The player’s controls are facing downwards on the mold, so you could manipulate the songs with your tongue. If the Play-A-Grill is loud enough, people nearby will hear the music, amplified by your mouth as the speaker.

Aisen Chacin creates Play-A-Grill - Mp3 Player

Aisen Chacin creates Play-A-Grill - Mp3 Player

If this device makes it to retailers everywhere (in the As Seen On TV section), what songs could possibly be licensed? Here’s a few selections for you to chew on.

Play-A-Grill Vol.1: Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is
1. Akinyele – “Put It In Your Mouth”
2. Nelly – “Grillz”
3. Santigold – “Santigold”
4. Trey Songz feat. Fabolous – “Say Ahh”
5. Obie Trice – “Got Some Teeth”
6. Cam’rom & Vado – “Speaking In Tongues”
7. Three Six Mafia – “Tongue Ring”
8. A$AP Rocky – “Goldie”
9. Gucci Mane – “Mouth Full Of Gold”
10. Missy Elliot – “All In My Grill”
11. UGK feat. 8Ball & MJG- “Gold Grill”
12. DJ Kool – “Let Me Clear My Throat”
13. Biz Markie – “Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz”

Aisen Chacin creates Play-A-Grill - Mp3 Player

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