Mass Appeal Mixtape Mondays Worst Mixtape Covers Of The Week

Planet of the Tapes: Worst Mixtape Covers of the Week

Seriously? This is what you're going with?

Here at Mass Appeal, we respect the time and effort that up-and-coming artists dedicate to their craft; putting long hours in at the studio, working day in and day out on their rhymes, all leading up to a mixtape release.

However, when it comes to album artwork, it seems like a lot of folks decide to go with the first thing that comes to mind. The past week brought us another round of atrocious mixtape covers. Here are just some we thought deserved a spotlight (like when you turn on the lights and the roaches scatter…we see you, roaches!)

Deal Or No Deal


First of all, where is Howie Mandel? Howie is Canadian, eh. The fact that H-Deacon, Se7en and Boogieman chose an American monument, Mt. Rushmore, to represent their new project was the first mistake. Are these dudes really keeping it 100% George Washington? Nah! If so, where the wooden-toothed grills at, son? No Deal.

Download Deal Or No Deal here.

Codeine Pirate Vol 3


Shout out to the @ signs on this cover, very rare. Your man (???!) Fly Guy Veto is definitely not afraid to be leanin’ on a boat. But where’s the pirate eyepatch, dog? Tattoos by Crayola.

Download Codeine Pirates Vol. 3 here.

Making Independent Bread Mixtape Cover


DJ Michael 5000 Watts is one of our favorite DJs of all time. We know he’s connected with some major icons, but this cover makes it look like Will Smith dissed them and didn’t show up for the shoot. Shout out to Paul Wall’s hairline. Or is that tennis ball in sunglasses? PS, D Boss, we know you’re from the south, but what’s up with the Colonel Sanders chin grab?

Download Making Independent Bread here.

2014 North Texas Final Four


This mixtape cover is less “Final Four” and more “Pee Wee’s Pits”. Really, is that an armpit or a cavewoman’s vagina? Lil B should whoop y’alls ass for this cover. You need to watch Hoop Dreams on repeat and realize you’re never going to make it. Rappers inspired by the NBA are as rare as rappers. Heads photoshopped on NBA players complete with lens flare like it’s 2008.

Download Final Four (North Texas 2K14) here.

Blame It On My Ambition


It must have been pirates week in the mixtape world. I can’t tell if this is an ad for a Disney video game or really cheap rum.

Download Blame It On My Ambition (Self Made) 2 here.

Mass Appeal Mixtape Mondays Worst Mixtape Covers Of The Week

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