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Pizza and Pot Please: New App Delivers Food and Weed

"Hello? Can I get a pepperoni pizza and a gram of OG Kush?"

New York City residents complain a lot about the cold but don’t seem to be moving anytime soon. One of the many perks keeping us here is the 24/7 food delivery options. Even when the weather is nice, delivery is still the ideal choice for some. Why? Because they’re stoned out of their minds. But what if you could get food AND weed from the same delivery site?

Well, now you can.

Eat 24 Weed Delivery Service

The folks at Eat24 have teamed up with Vapor Room, a dispensary based in San Francisco, to make ordering a gram (or three) with food a reality. The new app has been heralded as “the official sponsor of your munchies.” As you can see on their menu, multiple options are available, ranging from standard strands like Blue Dream and Sour Kush to more eclectic ones like Purple Nepal and J-One. The site even offers a “Shake Medley” for $30 including all the shake, which for those who don’t know is the broken up weed at the bottom of the bag. Sweet deal.

Give us a second while we sign up…

Pack of Joints

Other apps seem to be getting the hint as well, offering “420 restaurant recommendations” via Postmates or a “Danksgiving” option via Seamless. Remember being too embarrassed to open the door for the delivery guy due to the dense clouds of weed smoke? Those days are over!

One sec, our delivery guy just got here…

Luckily this is just the beginning of the exciting weed endeavors to come. Apparently the cost of a pack of joints is now being discussed. Imagine going to your local deli, “I’ll take three KitKats, one bag of chips, and a pack of joints please.” Talk about a hangover cure.

We couldn’t wait to start using the app, and we’re hoping more are on the way. One weed app is never enough.

Lindsey orders way too much food delivery. Sorry Mom and Dad. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Weed Pizza Image 2014

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