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Pick Your Poison: 10 Summer Cocktails to Make This 4th of July Weekend

Pick Your Poison: 10 Summer Cocktails to Make This 4th of July Weekend



Inspired by America’s independence and the traditions that go along with it, check out these ten refreshing libations perfect for the holiday weekend festivities.

1. Grilled Pineapple Mojito Cocktail


The grill is already hot, plus who doesn’t love boozy pineapple drinks? No one. Toss in some lime and fresh mint, and get to sippin’.
(Serious Eats)

2. Boston Tea Party 


Green tea, white rum, St. Germain, bitters and lime create a refreshing ode to Independence day. Bonus points if you get through the entire pitcher without someone dumping it.
(Bon Appetit)

3. Boozy Floats

Nothing is more classic than a fizzy ice cream float. It was only a matter of time before America figured out they taste great with booze in them. Here are our three favorites.

Bourbon Cream Root Beer Floats


(Huffington Post)

Personal Floatation Device (Orange Creamsicle)


(Brave Tart)

Boozy Birthday Cake Shots


(Sweet Polita)

4. Peach-Infused Moonshine


Be a real patriot and drink Moonshine on the 4th. It’s what the founding fathers would have wanted.
(Bon Appetit)

5. Red, White and Blue Sangria


Here’s your token patriotic drink. Luckily this one won’t give you diabetes. If you’re not into white wine, feel free to switch out the wine for Rosé, your berries and fruit will taste just as good.

6. Watermelon Sugar


Tequila’s smokey cousin, mezcal lends a new twist on the margarita, while plenty of fresh watermelon and spicy jalapeno create an irresistible flavor profile that’s anything but ordinary.
(Bon Appetit)

7. Boozy Lemonade


Drinking this lemony treat is basically a national pastime, adding booze makes it that much better.
(Spicy Ice Cream)

8. 808 State


Ain’t it the truth. It really doesn’t matter what’s in this seablue concoction, you’re going to drink it and most likely enjoy it.
(New York Mag)

9. Klondike Beer Shake


Imagine drinking chocolate truffles that get you tipsy, made with the original ice cream sandwich, and your favorite stout. Now go drink one.
(New York Mag)

10. Booze-Soaked Fruit

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Here are a few of our favorite booze-bathed fruit creations.

Tequila-Soaked Watermelon Wedges
(Martha Stewart)


Booze Soaked Fruit Kebabs
(The Kitchn)


Bourbon-Soaked Cherries
(Sugar, Spice and Bacon)


Lead photo courtesy of lastnightsparty.