Pharrell Williams to Produce NBA 2K15 Soundtrack

"Basketball P"

If you thought Skateboard P was done rolling, then you better get ready. He’s already got 2015 in his sights, 2K15 to be exact. Pharrell Williams will take on the the role of producer for the 2015 iteration of the hit video game series.



Following in the footsteps of prior guest-curators Lebron James(2K14) and Jay Z(2K13), Pharrell will be responsible for the tunes to fuel your athletic prowess when it comes game time. Pharrell is Pharrell though, so you can always expect a unique twist when it’s time for him to get his hands dirty. For the 2015 version of the soundtrack “P” sought out to add a batch of his own brand of diversity:

“I had some people from my staff — they were all girls and women — and we just talked about it,” said Williams, when asked by Billboard how he began brainstorming the musical selections for the game.

“There are girls that play the game and there’s a lot of girls that are around it … so I thought it’d be such an interesting twist to have the girls weigh in on the song list, because they listen to it just as much,” he explained. “I tried to pick an alternative approach, because how do you follow up LeBron and Jay? I gotta take a different route. When we finished looking at the list, it felt right.”

A pretty interesting take for an often male-dominated game. We’re excited to see what the soundtrack has to offer, since Pharrell has noted that Strafe and System Of A Down will be included. We’re all gonna have to wait until later on in the summer for the full soundtrack listing, while the game doesn’t hit shelves until October 7.

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