Tyler The Creator Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams Passes the Torch to Tyler, The Creator at Camp Flog Gnaw 2014

"That means more to me than it does to you...because I would have died to have that with Q-Tip."

While his outspoken and unfiltered approach may rub some the wrong way, there’s no denying that Tyler, The Creator is a cultural icon and a dreamer, in the purist sense of the word. After amassing what some have compared to a cult-like following since dropping his debut album, Bastard, back in 2009, it comes as no surprise that the Odd Future frontman has been able to achieve such massive success.

Some say that things in life come full circle. However, it seems that Tyler’s life has experienced multiple revolutions. If you need proof that a kid’s wildest dreams can come true, look no further.

While he may have regarded performing “Late” with Kanye West at Camp Flog Gnaw 2013 as the greatest day of his life, we’d venture to guess that watching Pharrell Williams reunite N*E*R*D to perform at the festival this year surpassed the aforementioned moment and now has a comfortable lead in first place.

After hopping off stage, completely drenched in sweat, Pharrell Williams spared a few moments of his time to allow us to film an interview conducted by Tyler, The Creator. While Tyler is normally a loose cannon on camera, during this interview he appeared to be in a perpetual moment of zen. Pharrell noticed Tyler’s calmness and took the opportunity to point out the importance of the moment they were sharing together:

“For me, to have these moments…the stories you used to tell me about listening to our albums, and then to see you have a show and we’re out there performing and it’s your show: that means more to me than it does to you…because I would have died to have that with Q-Tip. Died. But we never did that, and you’re a different generation. I love that this generation has its anchor: that’s Odd Future. So I’m not worried about…we’ve got a lot of help now; it’s not just us…. As long as you stay where you are and stay loyal to your beliefs, and secondly your curiosity, no one can touch you.”

While this spur-of-the-moment interview turned into another instance of Tyler’s life coming full circle, perhaps in the future we’ll realize that this moment was of much greater importance: the moment when Pharrell Williams passed the torch to Tyler, The Creator.

Watch the full interview above. Afterwards, read an excerpt from our cover story with Tyler, The Creator and Eric André from Mass Appeal Issue #55 here.

Tyler The Creator Pharrell Williams

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