Pharrell interviews with W Magazine

Pharrell Thanks Women for Their “Golden Doors”

Pharrell is happy about his passage through the golden doors.

Pharrell has been on quite the run in 2014, and now W Magazine reached out to the man himself to take an in-depth look at his successes and misses since last year.

When asked about the now-iconic style staple that is his Vivienne Westwood hat, he said:

“I was genuinely shocked by Grammy night. I had been happy running this career marathon. I didn’t expect any medals. I was particularly amazed when I went backstage after winning the first Grammy and one of my managers told me that my hat now had its own Twitter account. During the show, a fan started tweeting as my hat.”

Pharrell also spoke about equality for women (as well as their canal of gold) and how it relates to the concept behind his album G I R L, saying:

“I fully realize the power of women. If women wanted to put up their hands and say, ‘No more children,’ they could stop the world. We have to acknowledge their power: There is no person on the planet who didn’t benefit from a woman saying yes twice—yes to make you and yes to have you. And every human being came through the golden doors of a woman’s body. I’m not against the male species, but let’s make things equal.”

See more of Pharrell’s extensive feature interview with W Magazine here.

Pharrell interviews with W Magazine

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