Pharrell gets animated in new video from Takashi Murakami

Pharrell Stars in Takashi Murakami’s “Last Night, Good Night” Video

Arigato Pharrell.

Pharrell turns Chibi in longtime friend Takashi Murakami’s new remix video, “Last Night, Good Night.” The video features characters from Jellyfish Eyes, a film Murakami released last year based on the events following the Fukushima nuclear tragedy in Japan.

Takashi, known for his abstract and colorful animated visuals, isn’t new to the animation game. Remember the cover art for Kanye West’s Graduation album back in ’09? Yup, that’s ya’ boy Murakami. The Japanese artist’s previous visual work includes West’s music video for “Good Morning,” commercial work for Louis Vuitton, and this creepy pubescent robot flick.

Murakami has been chumming it up with the global it-boy, Pharrell, for years. (This $2 million dollar sculpture from 2009’s Art Basel should refresh your memory.) What better way to show appreciation for a friend than animating him in a remix video?

Check out the video for Takashi Murakami’s “Last Night, Good Night” in the player above. You might need this to translate the lyrics.

Gyasi’s lifelong dream is to be in a Japanese animated music video. Real talk. Follow her on Twitter @thedominusg

Pharrell gets animated in new video from Takashi Murakami

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