Pharrell in deep thought

Why Do Pharrell’s Songs All Begin the Exact Same Way?

Pharrell's production secret is pretty simple.

Pharrell is one of the best producers of all time. He’s made classic beats for the biggest stars and basically run shit for the last twenty years. Having said that, the intro to a lot of his songs are exactly same, and UK-based blog Discopop made a SoundCloud mix to prove this exact point.

Pharrell takes the first beat of the first bar and then repeats it four times. It’s kind of crazy how many hits use the formula: Kelis’ “Milkshake,” Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” and even his own smash hit “Happy.” This is definitely a trick he relies on heavily.

Some people may use this to discredit Pharrell’s skills, but they’d be fools. His track record is unparalleled, and all of the songs in the SoundCloud mix are bangers. The trick clearly works and we have no problem with Pharrell continuing to use it, to use it, to use it, to use it.

Pharrell in deep thought

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  • xxclusivee

    I would say thats a more recent sound he’s been doing. Can’t say he’s been doing it forever. But its a signature sound. Kinda like when you know Swizz Beatz is doing a record. Rarely do you ever miss the notion that it was him producing the beat

  • bloddikutt

    how is this new??? maybe none of yall were paying attention. this is old news, cats has been doing this for forever. basically its not a true pharrell beat UNLESS it does this. pay attention, this is way old news.