Tony Hawk and Pharrell Interview

Pharrell’s ARTST TLK EP. 4: Tony Hawk

Skateboard P & Skateboard, uh... T, chop it up about all things great.

Previously on ARTST TLK Pharrell’s had chats with visual artists and journalists, this time Skateboard P sits down with skate icon Tony Hawk. The two discuss everything from Hawk’s business acumen, the concept of “selling out” and skateboarding career of Hawk’s son Riley. And, of course, watch out for the ARTST TLK’s trademark naked water girl.

From Reserve Channel:

From his first deck to Birdhouse to Boom Boom Huck Jam to a video game empire Tony Hawk talks to Pharrell Williams about experiencing things that were beyond his imagination as a kid. Tony talks about the evolution of skateboarding and the challenges that he still looks forward to as a skater and a businessman.

Tony Hawk and Pharrell Williams interview

Tony Hawk and Pharrell Interview

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