The Perfect Holiday Gift: A Safe House USA Discount

In need of a dope house ware gift that won't break the bank? We got you.

Didn’t think reading Mass Appeal would pay off? Jokes on you, sir. We’re hooking you up with the best holiday gift idea ever. You can thank us later. Or now, actually, we will accept immediate expressions of gratitude in the comments section. But back to business. We told you about Safe House USA, the dopest bedding in the game back in August, but if it seemed a little pricey for an end of summer treat, here’s your holiday discount.

Black Marble Throw Blanket

Just a couple days ago, Safe House added some new products, including throw blankets and pillows in new prints (take note of that camo pillow below) in what they’re calling the FW13 Extension Collection. For your discount, all you have to do is mention this collection or any specific items from this collection on social media, tag Safe House and send a screengrab to and voila! You get a discount off your next order over $100. There are a few options so please pay attention.

It goes a little something like this:

1. Blog Post: 25% off if you blog about the new collection and send in a link.

2. Instagram: 20% off if you post a picture of the new collection, tag @safehouseusa and #safehouseusa, send in a screengrab.

3. Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest: 15% off if you post about the new collection tag @safehouseusa and #safehouseusa and send in a screengrab.

4. Twitter: 10% off if you tweet an image from the collection and tag @safehouseusa

Jute Camo Throw Pillow

If that’s too complicated you can also test your luck and just enter to win a free black marble duvet set.

All contests run through Cyber Monday, which, for everyone living under a rock, falls the Monday after Thanksgiving (Dec. 2). Buy now and forever hold your peace. We promise not to tell if you decide to save this lil present for yourself. #sleeptight

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