Pauly D Vs. Pauly Shore

Or in other words, "Yeah Buddy Vs. "Hey Buddy.”

It’s been reported that Jersey Shore helped save a suffering MTV from a big ratings slump. Why was it so popular, let’s just say, like Seinfeld, the show sure knew how to assemble a cast. And no one had more star quality and likeability than the crown holder (or was that just his hair) Mr. Pauly D. So much so, that the big wigs at the network decided to give homeboy his own solo show—the first of the JS crew. With The Pauly D Project’s Season One finale airing tonight (June 14), Mass Appeal thought it was about time we put ole boy to the test. Anyone else here remember MTV’s former golden child—the other Pauly, not from the shore, otherwise known as Pauly Shore? We bet you never realized that these two have more in common than just their names. GTL, fuggadeaboutit, it’s time for a lil’ VS. Yeah buddy.

Pauly D

Gov’t Name: Paul DelVecchio
Nickname: Pauly D
Age: 31
Reppin’: Providence, Rhode Island
Race: Self-Described “Guido”
Signature Style: Blowout Harido, Tan, Jewelry, Tattoos and T-Shirts That Say Stuff Like “Swag”
Accent: New England
Catchphrases: “Yeah Buddy,” “Cabs Are Here,” “T-shirt Time” “GTL – Gym, Tan and Laundry”
Profession: DJ/MTV Reality Star
MTV Run: 2009 – Present
MTV TV Shows: Jersey Shore (2009-Present), The Pauly D Project (2012)
Movies: None
Affiliates: Snooki, 50 Cent, Brittany Spears
Songs: “Night of My Life” (2012), “Beat Dat Beat (It’s Time To)” (2010)

Pauly Shore

Gov’t Name: Paul Montgomery Shore
Nickname: The Weasel
Age: 44
Reppin’: Hollywood, CA
Race: Jewish
Signature Style: Perm, Tan, Daisy Dukes, Spandex and Bandanas
Accent: Weasel
Catchphrases: “Hey Buddy,” Nugs, “Melons,” “Grinding,” Munchies,” “OWWW”
Profession: Stand Up Comedian/Actor/MTV VJ
MTV Run: 1989-1994
MTV TV Shows: Totally Pauly (1989-1994)
Movies: Encino Man (1992), Son In Law (1993), In the Army Now (1994), Jury Duty (1995), Bio Dome (1996), Pauly Shore is Dead (2003), Adopted (2009)
Affiliates: Sam Kinison, Fred Durst, Mitzi Shore (His Mom and Owner of The Comedy Store)
Songs: “Lisa, Lisa, The One I Adore” (1991)

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