Paul White “Street Lights” ft. Danny Brown (Dabrye Remix)

UK-based producer Paul White teams up with two of Michigan’s finest, Danny Brown on vocals and Dabrye on the production remix, to present listeners with “Street Lights”–a gritty ode to urban living in Detroit. In turn, English animation house Plastic Horse drew up some abstract visuals to coincide with the tune. It’s definitely not the kind of “cartoon” you’d show to the kiddies on Saturday morning, but still real cool and well-executed nevertheless!

Danny-Brown-Dabrye-Paul-White-Street-Lights Danny-Brown-Dabrye-Paul-White-Street-Lights-2 Danny-Brown-Dabrye-Paul-White-Street-Lights-3 Danny-Brown-Dabrye-Paul-White-Street-Lights-4

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