Could You Live Without The Internet For A Year? Paul Miller Did

Paul Miller spent a year with no Internet. Check out his journey of self discovery.

Imagine switching your smartphone for a landline. Imagine shutting down your gmail and getting a box in the local post office. Imagine ditching Wikipedia in favor of the library. Imagine carrying around a paper map instead of hitting up Google. Imagine sifting through Homer’s The Odyssey rather than endless instant content online . . .

Can you?

Having spent the majority of his time on The Internet since the age of 12, Paul Miller, a tech writer for The Verge, decided to swap his virtual world for “real life.” Disillusioned by his dependency on the internet and the emptiness of life online, he unplugged himself from the internet on April 30, 2012 at 11:59PM. The video above chronicles his journey, documenting his highs – channeling his creativity into something more productive – and lows –  loosing contact with far away friends. Paul’s conclusions are both unexpected and thought provoking. Check out his feature article over at the Verge for the full story. It’s definitely worth a read.



Paul Miller The Verge


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